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One of my favorite things about being a blogger is the ability to share products that I love with my readers. I remember giving birth to Olivia and not knowing anyone in my new town. It is difficult being a new mom and not having anyone to ask questions about which baby products to use. Or to even suggest products I had no idea existed.  I hope that my blog is giving those moms out there who were or are in a similar situation as I was, a little bit of help in the product knowledge department.

Today I wanted to introduce a company who I happened to stumble across just a few months ago. I had difficulties nursing Olivia and wasn’t able to nurse for long, but with James nursing was great. I stumbled across NursElet in my search for nursing essentials. 

NursElet Bracelet

NursElet has so many wonderful products to help nursing mothers. My favorite product is the NursElet bracelet. The bracelet fits around your wrist like a regular piece of jewelry, but when it is time to nurse the NursElet bracelet snaps around your shirt to hold it securely up so that you can nurse your little one. I also love that the NursElet bracelet helps free up your hands while pumping milk.

With Mother’s Day coming up, these bracelets would be a wonderful gift for any nursing mama or mama to be. 

NursElet Mat

Now that I am no longer nursing James a product from NursElet that I plan on using for a long time is the NursElet Mat (pictured above). What I personally love about this change mat is that it’s soft, you can wipe it clean, and it folds up nicely into my diaper bag. The NursElet Mat is made of soft vegan, faux leather. James loves the way the mat feels and trust me, getting him to hold still for a diaper change is quite difficult.

You can check out the products I listed above as well as other products by NursElet by clicking here.