Earlier this month I shared my favorite probiotic Evivo, which helps with your baby’s digestive system. This post had me thinking about how there were essential nursing items with both of my children that I just could not live without. I want to share those top five nursing essentials with you.

My Five Nursing Essentials

  1. Evivo– I love this probiotic! I am someone that personally suffers from digestive issues, so I want to give my children exactly what they need so that they can have a proper functioning digestive system. Evivo does just this! I wrote all about the benefits of Evivo in a previous post which you can read about here. Use Code: ev9-4f8e7837 to receive $10 off your Probiotic Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more. Code can only be redeemed by the first 50 readers.
  2. Milkies– Milkies are pouches that you wear while you sleep. They catch all of the milk that otherwise would’ve been lost in a pad and saves the milk for later use! Seriously the most creative nursing invention!
  3. Medela Breast Pump– James had issues latching on for the first few months of nursing… I became a slave to the pump for what seemed like forever. The Medela pump really saved my life! I have the exact one pictured above and it really helped me keep my milk supply going.
  4. Milk Makers, Lactation Cookies– With Olivia I had problems with my milk supply and ended up giving up on nursing when Olivia was 6 weeks old. When I was pregnant with James I was determined to make nursing work, so I researched what I could do to help with milk supply. These cookies were wonderful! I ate them non-stop and had zero problems creating milk.
  5. Boppy– I absolutely love my Boppy. I would put my Boppy around my waist with both children and it gave them the perfect supportive platform to lay across while they nursed.

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