This week is finally feeling like winter and everyone seems to be coming down sick suddenly. Today I am sharing my five essentials to help you beat that winter cold.

My Five Essentials for Beating a Winter Cold

1. Kleenex– When it comes to the tissue I use during a cold I am very particular. Nothing is worse than having a cold and ending up with a chaffed sore nose from using the wrong tissue. I personally use the Kleenex Ultra soft but there are so many different types of Kleenex available; such as Kleenex Ultra and Kleenex Antiviral.

Random Fact about Kleenex:

  • Kleenex Kills 99% cold and flu viruses in the tissue.

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2. Emergen-C  -This stuff is amazing! Its packed full of vitamin C and I swear by this stuff. Whenever my children come down sick or I feel that sick feeling in my throat I drink a bunch of Emergen-C and so far it works from keeping me from catching the bug.

3. Lots of Water- When you’re sick and have a temperature, fluids evaporate from your body. Keeping your body hydrated is an essential part of getting better quickly.  Extra fluid intake helps flush the body of nasty toxins and loosen mucus buildup.

4. Netflix- Being sick is when I catch up on all my cheesy made for tv movies! I’m not a huge tv lover but whenever I am sick I watch back to back films and it helps take my mind of the nasty cold I’m battling.

5. Rest/Sleep- This is the best way for your body to heal itself. And who doesn’t love sleeping?

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