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A mommy making the transition from city girl to small town

Blogging, where have you been my whole life?!

13419102_625090228937_6897232502271241799_nHere I go…. diving head first into this blog thing. The whole concept of blogging and letting the outside world into my life is pretty scary. So you are probably wondering “Then why start blogging?” Well, to be honest within these last two years, there have been some significant life changes, some good, some bad, but these changes have taken me on an emotional roller coaster, which have lead me to where I am today….Tiffany Ching Bean, Blogger.

Let’s start with 2014, I married the love of my life Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean was a country boy living in a small town outside of Yosemite Ca. We met while I was living in the San Francisco Bay area. If you had asked me prior to 2014 where I saw myself, without a doubt, it would have been in a big city, sitting at some fabulous happy hour, sipping on some overpriced cocktails. Well all of that changed when I became pregnant with our first child, Olivia. After careful thought and consideration, I realized that there was something sweet and humbling about raising my children in the country. Of course, all I knew about the country was what I had seen on TV… So one month before Olivia was born, I packed up my apartment in the city and we relocated back to my husbands hometown. It has been an adjustment for sure, but so far I do have to say, I am beginning to love this country life. Who would’ve thought?

Unfortunately, not everything is always sparkles and rainbows. The night before Olivia’s first birthday party, I was notified that my mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. So many emotions run through your mind when you are hit with unexpected news, and the only way I knew how to process everything, was with a giant dose of denial. I built up a huge wall, (even China would be impressed) and I carried on with my life, as if things were normal.  When my mothers health started to decline, my Husband and I decided that I should go to Sacramento and be with her. With my wall still intact, I stayed with my mother till her very last moments.

Fast forward to May 2o16, I gave birth to my second child, James, and that is when it hit me. The moment I saw my beautiful new baby’s face, my wall began to crack. Every emotion that I had been keeping locked up inside, finally began to break free. I was so happy to be holding my new son, yet so suddenly grief struck that my mother would never get to hold James.

I’ve spent the last few months feeling pretty down and out. I would defiantly say that emotionally the last few months have been some of my lowest, but I have the desire to feel happy again. The way I see this blog is as a challenge to push down my walls, start rebuilding confidence, and become a stronger happier person. I need this blog, I need this blog badly!

So what can you expect to see in this blog? Well for starters a whole lot of pictures of my adorable children Olivia and James. Who doesn’t love baby pictures?!? But besides pictures of my children, I plan on offering you the whole me. A completely raw, candid, emotionally naked view of who I am.

I am a mommy making the transition from city life to small town. A lover of all things home décor. A creator of beautiful celebrations that bring my friends and family together. And hopefully if you were to ask my husband, he’d say a loving wife. So here I am world!

xoxo Tiffany Ching-Bean

P.S. as promised, here are some adorable pictures of my family 😉


James first camping tripnew Olivia ball


IMG_7805 new olivia




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  1. Alicia

    I love this so much! You are such a strong, amazing, inspiring woman and I feel so lucky to call you my best friend.

  2. I love this so much. Humor, truth, vulnerability, the making of something wonderful. It brought me to tears. Your mother is watching you and your children. She is proud of you. I can’t wait to get to know this new Tiffany. And talk about chalk paint!

  3. Erin

    Yay Tiff! Can’t wait to keep up with all your inspiration both family and life! You’re amazing and I’m so happy you are doing this!

  4. Jenn

    You go sis! You have a huge support team beside you, even though we are states away…. we are here. I can’t wait to follow your blog and see the adorable pictures of my niece & nephew ♡ xo

  5. Melissa Courtney

    Can not wait to read this inspiring blog. Tiffany I just love your story and can’t wait to hear about your transition. Blessed to have you in my life.

  6. Chelle

    Beautiful said. Your a very strong willed women Tiffany from what i have seen and read , you have a beautiful family and i enjoy seeing your photos of the children, i know i’ve never met you but met your parents Noreen & Greg, it was so sad to hear that your mom passed away but i was so happy to of met her in 2013, she was very proud of you and she will be watching down on you, she will be even prouder and still partying on up there.

  7. Alice

    Since I first met you still in high school being your daddy’s pain in the butt. You have grown to be a very strong, independent beautiful lady and a fantastic wife/mommy. Now being a country bumpkin I’ve tried to imagine that but it’s nice to see you settling into your new life very well. I’m very proud of you Tiffany and I know your mom is too.

  8. Holly

    Glad you have an outlet to allow yourself to heal. I am here for you always! Way to be brave!

  9. Sabrina

    Love it Tiff. You passion shows in everything you do.

  10. Joletta

    Awe-Tiffany I love the pure transparent you! Your story is so touching and real, I look forward to reading more of your blog. Oh- and seeing those cute babie pics 😉

  11. Auntie Ann

    Very nice Tiff.

  12. Christopher Morgan

    Are you going to be posting any house updates? I’d love to see some of the work you guys have put in.

    • TiffanyChingBean

      Of Course! It wouldn’t be a Tiffany blog without lots of house posts 🙂

  13. Vanessa

    You have shown so much strength and vulnerability already in your first two paragraphs that I had to keep reading. I’m intrigued. And I see this as the start (for you) of a new and amazing chapter in your life. Thank you for sharing your experiences; good and bad.

  14. I’m so glad you finally listened to me and went for it, excited to see all kinds of home design posts! 🙂 and love you, so thankful you’re one of my best friends!

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