I have to admit, before kids, I wasn’t a fan of summer… I hated the heat, I hated being outside and I just wanted summer to end. Fast forward to my mommy years and I can’t wait for the sun to set so that its cool enough to be outside with my littles and riding our bikes into the sunset. It’s funny to think how our priorities change once we are mamas, but these evening moments with my littles on our Schwinn bikes are memories I wouldn’t give back in a million years.

I look forward to the moments in the day, when I can wash the makeup off my face, put on comfy clothes and just ride off into the sunset with my kids. Does life get much better than this?

Olivia is such a pro now on her bike! She amazes me every day with how much she accomplishes. Literally zero fear!

Recently I posted a picture on my Instagram of Olivia and I on our bikes, and I received quite a few Dm’s asking where James was… The answer is James was Pantsless, shoeless and refusing to wear his helmet… This crazy country boy def keeps me on my toes.

Honestly, receiving these bikes and giving my children ( and myself) the opportunity to be outside and be together is something I wouldn’t exchange or take back. This is the moment where I unplug and remember what its like to just be in the moment. As a blogger its so difficult to just let go of Instagram and technology. As I’m riding around in circles with my kids and they scream “mommy I’m going to catch you” it reminds me how important it is to just let go of work and to live in the moment with my children.