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The quest for the perfect Sippy Cup is real my friends. James is addicted to Sippy Cups. With Olivia she moved on to a regular cup pretty early, so I when it came to Sippy’s I wasn’t knowledgeable. I’ve had several issues with Sippy’s leaking or being difficult to wash. Some even seemed prone to mold… ick. Thankfully Nuby sent me five Sippy’s to try. I thought today I would share my experience thus far with these five Sippy Cups.

The Quest To Find The Perfect Sippy Cup

With Nuby

  1. Snack n’ Sip – Out of all the Sippy Cups we tried, this one is James’ favorite. The two in one combo of snacking and drinking at the same time is a dream come true for James. The Snack n’ Sip does not leak at all. Which I love. The only problem I have with this cup is when James drops it the lid sometimes pops open and his little snacks spill out. This is a great Sippy Cup for traveling.360 Wonder Cup
  2. 360 Wonder Cup – The 360 Wonder cup comes in a package of two cups. This was my least favorite of the Nuby Sippy Cups. The packaging says that this is a spill-proof cup, but both Sippy Cups have had leaking issues on me. James does enjoy drinking out of this Sippy Cup as it is the most like a grown-up cup. We use this cup at the dinner table only.Thirsty Kids Flip It Reflex
  3. Thirsty Kids Flip It Reflex  – Olivia ended up stealing this Sippy Cup from James. Olivia loves using this as her water bottle for Gymnastics. The lid has an easy grip which Olivia uses to carry this cup around. I love it because  Olivia is now drinking more water. Very easy to Wash.Thirsty Kid Flip It Boost
  4. Thirsty Kids Flip It Boost – This Sippy Cup is similar to the Thirsty Kids Flip It Reflex. However, this Sippy Cup does not have the handle part on the lid that Olivia loves to hold onto. We do like this Sippy Cup. It does not leak and it’s easy to wash. Flip It Free Style
  5. Thirsty Kids Flip It Free Style– This is a smaller Sippy Cup in height. Great for carrying in small bags as it will not take up too much room. I did not have any leaking problems. However, James constantly closed the little straw spout. Once closed it can be difficult to reopen. James was getting frustrated by this Sippy. I will probably only use this one for Olivia. This Sippy Cup has the handle on the lid which I am loving for easy carry.

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