I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving week! We went to Oregon for Thanksgiving and I will be sharing lots of pictures on my Instagram soon.

Today I am partnering with Desitin to talk about diaper rash treatment. James has extremely sensitive skin and constantly has diaper rash. We have tubes of Maximum Strength Desitin everywhere in the house, as it is the only thing that seems to work for James.

How to Prevent Diaper Rash

As I think about how to start this blog post I am giggling because this is totally going to be one of those posts that I can use to embarrass James at his future wedding.. haha anyways…

Diaper rash with James has been a constant struggle since day one.

I have literally tried every rash cream on the market, I’ve even tried personal home remedies that friends suggested. The only product that works for me is Desitin Maximum Strength.

Desitin goes into better detail here on how to prevent diaper rash. However, what I do that really works for me is I let James hang out for a couple moments after I remove his diaper to let him air dry after I wipe him down. That way I am making sure that none of the moisture from the wipes is left sitting on his body. Right before I seal his diaper up I make sure to apply a preventive base of Desitin Maximum Strength. If your little one is currently suffering from a Diaper Rash here is some great information on how to treat a Diaper Rash. The steps to treatment are very similar to prevention.

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