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Learning How to Ride A Bike with Schwinn…

Post Sponsored by Schwinn. All Thoughts & Opinions are 100% My Own.

I am excited to announce that the family and I are 2018 Schwinn Bike Ambassadors. Over the next few months, I will be sharing how the family and I are spending our days Schwinning.

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Help Provide Diapers for Families In Need…

As a mother of two toddlers who are twenty-two months apart, I have gone through the never-ending diaper struggle. Diapers are so expensive but they’re needed. I was so excited the day Olivia learned to use the potty and I knew my diaper budget would be cut in half. That’s why tonight I want to share a wonderful cause to help families in need receive Huggies® diapers.

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Quest to Find The Perfect Sippy Cup with Nuby…

James and his sippy CupsPost Sponsored by Nuby. All Thoughts & Opinions Are 100% My Own.

The quest for the perfect Sippy Cup is real my friends. James is addicted to Sippy Cups. With Olivia she moved on to a regular cup pretty early, so I when it came to Sippy’s I wasn’t knowledgeable. I’ve had several issues with Sippy’s leaking or being difficult to wash. Some even seemed prone to mold… ick. Thankfully Nuby sent me five Sippy’s to try. I thought today I would share my experience thus far with these five Sippy Cups.

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London Themed Tea Party For Two…

Olivia Enjoying a Cup of TeaPost Sponsored By Cath Kidston. All Thoughts & Opinions are 100% My Own.

Olivia’s London Spots Frill Neck Dress | Olivia’s Placement Print Knit Cardigan | Olivia’s Friend’s Placement Print Knitted Tank Top

Olivia is in the fancy princess dresses and tea party stage and I am loving it! It rained all last week so when the sun finally came back out, Olivia asked if her friend could come over for a tea party.

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Spring Time Fun with Gymboree…

Post Sponsored By Gymboree. All Thoughts & Opinions Are 100% My Own.

This California weather has been amazing! It is crazy to think that it is still winter. Especially since today, I am wearing a teeshirt and sandals. One of the advantages of no longer living in the city is all this great outdoor activity time we get. The littles and I have been taking full advantage of this amazing weather and have been working on trying to get the garden ready for spring. 

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James Got A New Car Seat From Maxi Cosi…

Post Sponsored By Maxi Cosi. All Thoughts & Opinions are 100% My Own.

My littles are growing up before my eyes. James was due for a car seat upgrade. It is time for us to transition him from rear facing to forward facing. I spent months researching car seats and polling my friends on what they recommended for toddler seats. One brand seemed to be a favorite among my friends. That brand was Maxi Cosi.

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My Top Six Essentials to Beating That Winter Cold…

This week is finally feeling like winter and everyone seems to be coming down sick suddenly. Today I am sharing my five essentials to help you beat that winter cold.

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Bean Holiday Photos 2017…

Photos by: Sage Imagery  Disclaimer: This is not a real bear

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How to Prevent Diaper Rash with Desitin…

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving week! We went to Oregon for Thanksgiving and I will be sharing lots of pictures on my Instagram soon.

Today I am partnering with Desitin to talk about diaper rash treatment. James has extremely sensitive skin and constantly has diaper rash. We have tubes of Maximum Strength Desitin everywhere in the house, as it is the only thing that seems to work for James.

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Rose Gold Yosi Samra Ballet Flats…

Post Sponsored by Yosi Samra. All Thoughts & Opinions Are 100% My Own.

Seriously, how adorable are Olivia’s Yosi Samra rose gold ballet flats ?! Just like mama, Olivia is developing a shoe addiction. She picked these gorgeous flats for herself and I loved them so much I bought the adult version !

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