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Cozemul Mexico

As my first official blog post in months, I thought I would share happy details and personal pictures from the recent trip my Husband and I took to the Western  Carribean & Mexico. It has been quite some time since I sat down and wrote a blog post. I’ve been in a rut for a few weeks/months, every day has felt so repetitive and I just wanted to scream. I don’t know if its extreme boredom… Maybe this is life as a stay at home mom or maybe just life in a small town but the adjustment has been a difficult one for me.

Our Five Day Carnival Cruise to Western Mexico

This cruise my husband and I actually received for free. However, we ended up paying sooo much more then we planned for with a “free trip”.  We paid out of pocket to upgrade from 3 nights to five… totally worth it! We got one additional Carnival Cruise stop which was Yucatan (Progreso) Mexico, where the Mayan Pyramids are located. We upgraded our room from lower deck to a higher deck for an additional I want to say $500. Which was totally not worth it. Had we had a window or a balcony then maybe. My honest opinion is that we wasted the money, especially since we were barely in the room, to begin with.

Carnival Sails out of Galveston Texas, and for whatever reason, we didn’t check the calendar when we booked our cruise. We were setting sail during spring break… to Mexico. Flights were insanely overpriced and the cheapest we could find for the two of us was $1,200 round trip. That was catching the red eye to Seattle and then flying to Texas. An all-night flight with barely any sleep. Next cruise I will be checking my Calendar that it doesn’t fall within any popular travel dates.

Departure Day

Enjoying a fun ship drink carnival cruise

This was my first cruise so I had no idea what to expect. I think I kind of had this snobbish view of traveling on a cruise. However, I absolutely loved our experience and I am ready to go back!

Our ship boarded surprisingly quick for how many people were traveling on board. We weren’t allowed to go to our rooms until the emergency evacuation drills were complete so my husband and I walked around the ship. The sun was setting so we relaxed and watched as we departed from the shore.

On the first day of the cruise, the ship offers these drink deals called the Fun Ship Drink… Oh gosh… I don’t know what was in those drinks but I was gone after two. Those drinks totally got me, but you are totally getting the best bang for your buck because I was a complete mess after that. I do know that Carnival cruises offer an unlimited all you can drink alcohol pass for a fairly good price, just my husband and I didn’t feel we would be drinking enough to make the pass worth it.

I think the best part of the cruise is the unlimited food. There is a buffet that is open all day long. Also, every type of food kiosk scattered all over the ship from 24 hr pizza to Mexican food. There are soft serve ice cream machines for the kids… and for me who wanted an ice cream cone at 11 pm at night. Also every night you have the option to dine in the formal dining room where you are served unlimited fancy foods from the menu. I’m surprised I didn’t gain 100 lbs after this trip because I ate everything.

First Off Shore Day- Cozemul

Cozemul Mexico

Our first offshore day was in Cozemul. Carnival cruises offer excursion trips exclusively through their cruise line, but we had nothing booked this day. I did a bunch of research online before our trip and everyone said to actually leave the cruise terminal and take a taxi to downtown Cozemul.

We hoped in the first taxi and went off to explore. Our first stop was for lunch. The food was terrific. I want to go back to Mexico just to eat!

Margaritas Cozemul Mexico

While exploring downtown Cozemul Beau and I decided to purchase a snorkeling excursion from one of the local tour businesses. We finished up our giant Margaritas and headed out into the Ocean to see some Fishys. It was so beautiful!

Beach Cozemul Mexico

Snorkling Cozemul Mexico

Snorking Cozemul Mexico

Second Day Off Shore- Yucatan

This was my favorite stop. We signed up for the offshore excursion through Carnival to visit the Chichen Itza Pyramids and to swim in the Cenote. Honestly, this trip was absolutely wonderful, but it felt rushed because we were trying to do too much in one day. If we ever go back this would probably need to be split into a two-day venture because there was just not enough time to really stop and enjoy the sites. Especially the Cenote, we only were able to jump in once really quickly and then rush back to our tour bus to return back to the ship.

Mayan Pyramids

Mayan Pyramids

Ik Kil Cenote

Our Final Night of Vacation

Our final night was a night at sea, and we decided to get dressed up and go to the formal dinner and then the comedy show afterward. I had baked Alaska for Dessert and it was phenomenal. All of the Cruise staff was so wonderful and welcoming. My opinion about cruises has totally changed and I can not wait to book our next one. I think our next trip we will do the Western side of Mexico and bring the kids.

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