One of my 2017 goals is for my family and myself is to start eating healthier snacks. As the chef of our household, I can take most of the blame as to why we are not eating as healthy as I would like. My biggest issue is that with a constantly busy schedule, I tend to grab the fastest, easiest snack to prepare, which usually isn’t the healthiest. 

Nature’s Bakery

In my quest to kick off 2017 right, I discovered Nature’s Bakery fig bars and brownies. These brownie and fig bars are non-GMO, cholesterol free, and kosher. Also, the fig bars come in a gluten free option.

When my family and I are trying out new foods, there are two tests that the new food must pass in order to be good in my book.

Test One. My biggest personal health struggle is that I am a junk food addict. More specifically a chocolate addict. A little test that I did for myself is that I stocked my pantry with Nature’s Bakery brownies to see if these little snacks would be enough to satisfy my cravings. So far it is working! I haven’t had the urge to drive to the gas station to purchase a candy bar since these brownies entered my life.

Test Two. Mama’s of toddlers know the struggle of meal time oh too well. One minute my toddler loves pizza and only wants pizza. The next day she hates pizza and never wants to see it again. The struggle is very real. When it comes to snacks, if my toddler has zero interest right out the gate then the probability of me buying it for a second attempt to try and sway her into eating it, is highly unlikely. When I brought home the Natures Bakery bars and my daughter loved them, I was jumping for joy! She loves them to the point now that I actually have to limit how many of these bars she eats. Otherwise, my daughter will try to skip a meal so that she can have another fig bar.

Nature’s Bakery brownies come in four different flavors; mint, blueberry, raspberry, and chocolate. I have tried all four flavors and mint is my favorite. I loved the nice refreshing taste of the mint. Also, maybe that clean mint feeling made me feel better about eating multiple brownies. The raspberry brownie was my least favorite. I just do not think I am much of a fan of raspberry foods.

Nature’s Bakery whole wheat fig bars come in eight different flavors; raspberry, blueberry, lemon, peach apricot, apple cinnamon, strawberry, fig, mango, and pumpkin spice. The gluten free fig bars come in four flavors; pomegranate,  blueberry, fig, and raspberry. I have not had a chance to try all of the flavors in the fig bars yet. However, my daughter has been chowing down the blueberry fig bars like crazy.

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 Post sponsored by Natures Bakery. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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