Sheets & Changing Cover: Just Born c/o  | Sock Monkey: Peach Stream Market c/o 

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Time needs to slow down. It is as if I blinked and suddenly my sweet little baby was a toddler. I’ve been failing on sharing updates of James’ accomplishments and struggles for the first year, so I wanted to share some recent pics and an update of whats going on with James’ after his first birthday. Better late than never?

James Bean

  James just turned 13 months a couple of days ago. For the longest time, he only had four teeth. His two top and his two bottoms. I was starting to wonder if the other teeth would ever come in. Within the last month James’ has grown four more additional teeth. I am relieved to know that it was teething that was causing my toddler to be the grumpiest kid I know and not the early terrible twos.

I have received a few questions regarding James and his helmet and why he is no longer wearing it. James wore his helmet because he had plagiocephaly, which was caused from torticollis. The torticollis caused him to only lay on his left side which essentially made his head flat. James wore his helmet till his first birthday. Around his first birthday, the growth of his head slowed down. Due to the extremely hot temperatures where we live and how sweaty the helmet was becoming, we decided to end treatment. James’ head, for the most part, has returned to its reg shape. We are extremely happy with the helmet treatment results.

We are about to transition James’ from a crib to a toddler bed. So crazy for me to think I am no longer going to have a crib in my house. We received new sheets and a changing table cover from the Just Born Little Adventures Collection. I love how soft the changing pad cover is (pictured in the first pic of this post). The theme is perfect for James’ because he is quite the adventurous one. James has been walking since 9 months and now is climbing and jumping off of everything he can find. I also love the colorful detail on the arrows, just such a fun print to add some personality to James’ room.

 For the last few months, James has been communicating by pointing at items and saying gibberish. However, this week he has started to say things like uh oh when we suddenly change the channel on the tv. I think we will have a talker very soon!