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Life has is currently beyond crazy. I have been MIA from the blog world and I thought I would check in and say Hi! A little update, I am currently back to working full time from home. Yes, my children are also home and my house is a disaster… However, there is one product that is helping make my life easier. Today I thought I take you inside my home and share the bObsweep with you.

My New Best Friend the bObsweep!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a robot vacuum? Think Jetsons! When I found out about the concept of a robot vacuum I knew I needed one in my life. I studied reviews online and felt that the bObi Classic Model from bObsweep fit best with our lifestyle. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be best for you; make sure you read all the reviews of robot vacuum cleaners like I did before you make your decision.

Lifestyle meaning… my husband and I recently renovated our home and installed dark Brazilian cherry wood floors. Although beautiful and extremely luxurious, every single footprint, hair, or spec of dust shows on these floors. I have two kids, two dogs, and an extremely fluffy Persian kitty. You can only imagine the stress I go through to keep my floors clean.

My bObsweep arrived and I was impressed by its sleek clean look. Also, my bObsweep had a remote control which just blew my mind. The charge station was compact and thin, which I was worried about having something big and bulky ruining my decor. No problems there.

bObsweep does come in an assortment of styles and colors so I recommend checking out the bObsweep website here to find one to fit your lifestyle like I did.

How Is bObsweep Working Out For Me?

So far I am LOOOOOVING my bObsweep. The children have named it Bob, for obvious reasons and it really has become part of the family. Having to neglect household chores to focus on work has been really stressful, and having bObsweep around to vacuum the floor every day so that I don’t have to worry about my kids finding something icky has been such a relief.

Fun Facts about bObsweep

  • As I said earlier, you can control your bObsweep with a remote, which is wonderful!
  • The bObsweep cleans up easy. My kids have already spilled some gross stuff on top of it. I just take a wet cloth and the bObsweep wipes clean.
  • You are able to set your bObsweep up on a timer. I haven’t done this yet, I am still manually starting my bObsweep, but def something I want to do.
  • Your bObsweep will dock itself at its charge station when it is done. This is fabulous because my fav thing to do is start my bObsweep and go to bed. Waking up to clean floors in the morning is the best.
  • The bObsweep is pretty quiet for a vacuum. Honestly, there are times I forget my bObsweep is running until it does its little beep before heading back to the charge station.
  • My bObsweep will crawl behind and under furniture and try to get to every nook and cranny.
  • Emptying the bObsweep waste container is so simple!
  • I have no negatives about this product and def recommend giving it a try.

If you’re new to the world of robot vacuum cleaners and are wondering what other products like this are available, take a look at this coredy r500 review.

Before I end my blog post I wanted to introduce you to the furriest fur baby in my life, MiMi. Whose hair is enough to drive anyone insane! As you can see shes not really a fan of my blog pictures, but the bObsweep loves to vaccum up her hair.

3 thoughts on “Life Made Easier with the bObsweep…

  1. I found these on groupon and had not heard anything good or bad on them until I saw your blog. I have the exact same as you dark wood floors. I think I’am sold!

    1. I love mine! I should actually run it right now because there are crumbs everywhere! It has a mop feature too I havent learned how to use, and a really cool remote control

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