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I have been nursing James, for nine months now. However, my milk supply is not what it used to be and I have decided to start supplementing with formula. I am excited to share Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula and Gerber Soothe® probiotic colic drops

James has had a sensitive stomach since the first day he was born. Since I have been nursing James I need to be careful what foods I eat, as James would get gassy and fussy. My husband and I have spent so many hours and sleepless nights with poor little James screaming in pain from his colic. The excessive crying and baby fussiness can easily take its toll on the overall mood of the home.

What is Colic?

If your baby is healthy and crying for more than three hours a day, three times a week for more than three weeks, there is a chance that your baby is suffering from Colic. Colic is a symptom of digestive discomfort. Your little ones form of communicating this discomfort is through excessive crying. Research indicates that colic may be caused by a type of bacteria within the infant’s digestive system. Probiotics may help support a healthy bacteria within the digestive tract to help combat the bad bacteria.

Gerber Soothe® probiotic colic drops are clinically shown to reduce crying time by 50%. What I love about these Gerber Soothe® probiotic colic drops is that you can give them to your baby by putting the drops on your breast during nursing, mix with your breast milk or formula in a bottle, or by a spoon. Do know that Gerber Soothe® probiotic colic drops are a probiotic supplement and that the product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Gerber Good Start Soothe Infant Formula

When searching for formulas I wanted to find something that was easy for James to digest so that James could be comfortable and the fussiness would stop. The Gerber Soothe® probiotic colic drops have been working for us, but I didn’t want to go backward when switching to formula and have a fussy baby again.

I feel so blessed to have discovered Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula as James has been increasingly less fussy. Gerber drops and the formula contain L. reuteri which is a similar probiotic found in breastmilk. James immediately took to the Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula and bottle, which was such a relief. Gerber® promises “Less crying babies, more smiling for all”, so far I have not experienced any excessive crying since switching to Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula. Lots of smiles in this household and mama is actually getting some sleep at night! Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula is a routine infant formula and is not intended to treat or cure disease.

I would like to thank Gerber® Soothe for sponsoring today’s post. Also for encouraging me to speak about my experiences with baby colic and excessive crying.

14 thoughts on “Less Crying, More Smiling…

  1. Im so happy you found a product that worked for your babies colic! Having an upset baby on the best of days can be hard enough without the added pressure of anything unexpected and upsetting on top!

  2. Good job momma. Every mom knows what’s best for her own baby and it sounds like this formula is working well for you.

  3. Aww, mama’s sleep is important! Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to know what helped other mums/bubs. Colic is quite common nowadays and any info about it is helpful.

  4. I’m so glad you found a solution! My little girl suffered from acid reflux and it seemed there was no fixing it without the use of medication. I went dairy free for a while and it helped a bit. Colic and Reflux certainly don’t make parenting easy 🙁 and we just want to do what’s best for our babes!

  5. Poor baby and poor mama. Colic really can take it’s tole. I am so glad you have found something that works for your munchkin. Your title says it all, ‘Less Crying, More Smiling’. I think it applies for both mom and baby.

  6. Omg! I totally love this post because when I herd of this i was like omg and told other people about this. We need to see more post like this

  7. I’ve never heard of the probiotics. Thank you for posting. I’ll share with information with my patients and readers. Thanks for posting such important information. 💞

  8. I’m glad that the Gerber formula worked for you. I have a 4 month old and it did not work for him. He had colic and reflux and thank God that now both are subsiding.

    We need our sleep and I am glad you are getting yours.

  9. We were blessed to not have experienced too much in the way of colic and ongoing issues with our two. I cannot imagine what you guys have been through nursing a bubba with colic for nine months. I am so happy you found a product that helps with this and wish you luck ongoing. My bubs digestive issues stop and peace enter your home. x

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