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I’m back…. did you miss me?! It has been quite some time since my last blog post…..six months almost seven to be exact. Life has been so busy since I decided to go back to work full time, and with both children in school I have been neglectful when it comes to the blog. A couple of weekends ago our family decided to take a much-needed vacation together. Thank you Great Wolf Lodge for hosting us! It was a weekend we will never forget, and I thought what perfect way to get back into blogging than sharing our Great Wolf Lodge experience with you!

Great Wolf Lodge

Olivia and James had been counting down the days till Great Wolf Lodge the moment they found out about our upcoming vacation. Olivia has an obsession with hotels… she’d live in one full time if she could.

How cute are Olivia and James holding hands though?

Great Wolf Lodge has locations throughout the US and Canada. The Great Wolf Lodge we visited was located in Anaheim, CA. However, they are building a Great Wolf Lodge in Manteca, CA which is close to where we live and we will be making a trip ASAP!

If you are wondering what Great Wolf Lodge is, it is a massive indoor water park/ resort. The water park is heated to an interior temperature of 84 degrees so you stay warm all year long. The day we went it was cold and foggy and we had no idea because we were warm inside!

Character Breakfast

Great Wolf Lodge offers a character breakfast which has to be one of the best buffets I have ate at in a long time. Super child friendly as well. Both my little’s chowed down on multiple plates which for Olivia is out of the ordinary as she eats like a bird. James was all about meeting Wiley & Violet at breakfast. He could not wait to give the characters a hug!

Play Time in the Indoor Water Park

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