I am so excited to share with you today our Easter 2017 photos. Our family is so blessed to have access to an amazing photographer, Jessica from Caked Imagery. Jessica has captured some of my most cherished family moments, especially these Easter photos of my children with Oswald the bunny (Yes it is a real bunny).

Easter 2017

 “When am going to send out another sibling photo of my two children?” is a question that I frequently hear from friends and family. The last photo was of James’ newborn shoot back when I could actually get him to hold still… lol. So I had created all these imaginary Pinterest perfect dreams in my head about sibling pictures. With ridiculously high expectations, I asked Jessica to photograph my littles. Although James cried most of the shoot… I love these photos! These pictures capture my children’s individual personalities perfectly. Also, they show that motherhood isn’t always perfect (James was not about holding still for a photo or interested in the bunny and clearly was not having a good day).

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