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Words can not express how much I love my DockATot! Yes, this is a sponsored post but I am truly obsessed with my DockATot. I have been ranting and raving to my friends and family about my DockATot since the first night James slept in it.

What is a DockATot?

Usually, the first question I receive after excitedly professing my love for my new found baby item is “What is a DockATot?”

The DockATot is a multifunctional giant baby pillow. A DockATot can be used as a changing table, a place for tummy time, sleeping, somewhere to lounge, or somewhere to play.

The DockAtot comes in two sizes. The deluxe size is for newborns-nine months old. The grand size goes up to 3 years old. The DockATot is lightweight like a pillow and has a handle, so it makes traveling easy.

Why Do I Love the DockATot So Much?

James has been unable to sleep on his own since he was born. He is nine months old now and basically, for the last nine months I have had to hold him for naps or he has slept with me in bed. James also wakes up constantly throughout the night to check that I am there. Meaning this mama has been deprived of sleep for months. I have tried sleep training and that only seemed to make things worse.

The first few nights with the DockATot I placed it on my bed and put James to sleep in it. James slept through the night on the first attempt! It was insane. Night two… the same thing. So I got cocky and moved the DockATot to James’ crib and placed him in the crib for bed. Unfortunately, James did not sleep through the night when I did this. However, he did sleep for an extended period of time. We are now three weeks into the DockATot crib transitioning and every night he sleeps for longer and longer stints in his crib. James has even begun to take naps in his crib. Which is a miracle!  Before the DockATot he would’ve never napped without me holding him.

On a side tangent… Olivia also loves the DockATot because she can lay in it and watch cartoons or take a nap.

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