Pictures by: Sage Imagery | Tutus: TuTu Territory c/o

When I lost my Mother a year ago to cancer, I realized that once you lose someone all you are left with are memories and photos. I cherish the photos that I have. I often find myself looking back at old photos and remembering my childhood and smiling. This year for Mother’s Day I wanted to take special photos with my littles. I hope that one day my children can look back and have the same sweet thoughts that I do when I look at photos from my childhood.

TuTu’s In A Field of Lupine


6 thoughts on “Creating Memories In a Field of Lupine…

  1. These photos are STUNNING. How big can you blow up a photo? That’s how big I would blow up one of these. I’m sure your children will cherish these for their whole lives! My mom passed away a year ago too, from cancer. It’s seriously the hardest thing :'(

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