My Botox Injections with Dr Selene…

I am getting a little personal with today’s blog post and sharing why I chose to get Botox for my forehead. Also, I wanted to introduce Dr. Selene who was recommended to me through multiple friends. If you live in the Sacramento area she is someone I would also recommend for your skincare needs.

Dr. Selene’s Office

Dr. Selene Medical Spa is located in Rockland, CA. Dr. Selene also has an office in Grass Valley, CA.

Dr. Selene offers different treatments for facial rejuvenation, hair removal, fillers, & injectables such as Botox; just to name a few. You can see a list of services here.

The decor in Dr. Selene’s office is beautiful & glamorous, which instantly made me feel at ease and welcomed.

Why I choose to have Botox

My decision to have Botox injected into my forehead was a decision I made after careful thought. I have one eyebrow on my left side that constantly moves and acts crazy whenever I smile or talk. My friends joke and call it my “overactive eyebrow”.  All jokes aside it was something I was really insecure about. I hated pictures of myself when I would smile. In pictures, this one eyebrow was always dramatically arched, or I would play back Insta Stories and see my eyebrow wiggling out of control.

Dr. Selene listened to my needs and she injected 12 units of Botox, mostly above my left eyebrow to soften the line on my forehead my overactive eyebrow was causing. Also, to tame my eyebrow.

I am beyond happy with my results. My face isn’t frozen like all those horror stories you hear from botox. In fact, I can still move both eyebrows as if nothing ever happened. However, my left eyebrow no longer has the crazy dramatic arch appearance it was doing when I would speak or smile. When I speak my eyebrow no longer wiggles out of control.

It is recommended that you receive Botox injections every 3-6 months to maintain your results. I def plan on continuing to see Dr. Selene.

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  1. Alicia

    What a great photographer!!!

  2. Jenna King

    So crazy, I did a google search for dr selene’s insta and this was the first match.

    Dr. Selene’s office is the best!! If you ever can’t get an appt with her, see Rory. Rory is my absolute favorite.

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