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The Birth of Our Sweet Little James Bean


Today I am sharing my birth story of my second child as a testament that mind over matter really does work. Four months ago our family welcomed its newest little jelly Bean, James. This story isn’t one of those long horror birth stories. In fact I was blessed with an incredibly fast and easy labor (Olivia’s birth was long and difficult, I will share that story another time).

I spent my entire nine months of pregnancy sick almost everyday, including two hospitalizations for dehydration, so it is safe to say when my due date was approaching I was jumping for joy. Theoretically jumping, not physically,  by this point I was huge! So imagine my disappointment in finding out at my final appointments I was not dilating or progressing at all. Out of desperation to just not be sick anymore, I begged the doctor to induce me on my due date. Taking pity on me the Doctor agreed. I was told that usually doctors do not agree to this, but at this point I was beginning to lose weight and unable to eat due to my sickness. My induction was scheduled for May 14th at 7 p.m.

When the day finally arrived I happily skipped into labor and delivery, knowing that soon I would be holding my little man. However, the first thing the nurses tell me is, that the induction will start at 7 a.m. and that right now they were just hooking me up to monitors. Uhh what?! I was devastated and angry…. hormones were really getting to me at this point. I told the nurse, “I came here today I will be having the baby tonight!” The nurse laughed at me, thinking I was making jokes, but I was serious. I was determined to have this baby.

My husband and my amazing cousin Ronee had both come with me to labor and delivery, but because there was only one chair in the room my husband decided he would come back in the morning when the induction begun. Obviously because he also thought I was crazy when I promised that the baby would be born that day. I mean who would take me seriously, for weeks there had been zero change in my cervix.

At this point I was very frustrated, and still feeling sick! My cervix was only dilated to 1 and nurses said they would start me on Cervidil to  help soften my cervix in preparation for the induction. I asked what the chances of me going into labor on the Cervidil alone were, and they told me highly unlikely. Grr!

Over the next few hours, every chance I got I was doing squats, trying to get up to walk to the bathroom, anything to try and get this baby going. The nurse kept coming into my room, seeming a bit annoyed that she had to keep adjusting my monitors and that my alarms were going off because I would not stay in bed, but I wanted this baby out.

2 a.m arrived and they came to check on me… I had dilated to 5 cm! My plan was working, and even I was shocked. I begged the nurse to just break my water and we could get this show on the road. The nurse actually began to take me seriously. She phoned the doctor and asked for the doctor to break my water, but the doctor told her no. Ugh, frustrated again! The nurse asked me if I wanted my epidural and I told her we could wait. My contractions weren’t even bad at all.

A couple more hours passed it was almost five in the morning. The nurse came in to check on me again with the doctor. I had progressed to 7 cm. The doctor now agreed to break my water. The nurse asked me if I wanted my epidural now, I was hesitant because the contractions still weren’t bad and I thought I had more time, but I agreed to get it. The nurse then told my cousin to call my husband and tell him to come to the hospital she believed the baby would come soon. Now I started to think the nurse was crazy and I was trying to not get too excited. I received my  epidural and the doctor broke my water around 6 am. Once the nurse and doctor left, my cousin and I went to sleep.

Thirty mins later I woke up to this intense pressure down below and what felt like blood dripping down my leg. I woke my cousin up and said Ronee I think the baby is coming. My cousin still in a fog of sleep went and got the nurse. When the nurse came in she said yes the baby is coming, and started to radio for a doctor to come! The nurse was like I need you to start pushing now, I can see the baby’s head. My cousin called my husband to see where he was and he was just arriving at the hospital since we lived an hour away. My husband ran to my room just in time for the birth. Within 15 mins and a couple of pushes baby James was here before the doctor was even able to arrive! Born at 6:45 am 8 lbs 7 oz, without an induction, and 15 mins before my induction was even going to begin, James was here and he was perfect! I held him and I cried because I was holding my beautiful little man but also I was happy that my horrible pregnancy was finally over.

Funny little side comment. Seconds after James was born, they  immediately put him on my chest for skin to skin and he pooped all over me. Everywhere! In fact my little pooping machine now holds the record for the most poops made by a newborn within 24 hours at his hospital.

Ronee took so many beautiful pictures of the first minutes of James life, so I want to share them with the world. I am a very proud mama bear.

james-10 james-11 james-12 james-13 james-7 james-2 james-5 james-6 birth-1 james-8 james-9

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  1. Congrats on your sweet little baby. What a sweet story. Glad everything turned out OK.

  2. You are one determined mama! I am SO THOROUGHLY impressed! Loved this birth story!

  3. He’s perfect. Congratulations!

  4. Aww James is perfect. I can’t believe he pooped all over you during skin-to-skin! The meconium is dark and sticky too! lol. Beautiful story and photos. I love that na,e it’s my son’s middle name. Thanks for sharing your story!

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